How about a Marshmallows Symphony?

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A Marshmallows Symphony

Amazing Moments of Roasting with Luxury and Style

Thrill to the memories you’ll make as you and your family or friends sit and relax by an enchanting fire, with one thought on your mind: roasting the PERFECT marshmallow! There’s an art to it. And that means you shouldn’t settle for twigs, wire hangers, or anything else you’d improvise with.

You’ll want to go with nothing less than the PERFECT Marshmallows Roasting Sticks! And that’s what these are.
They’re specially-designed with all the right high-quality features and benefits BUILT-IN.


Built-in Perfection and Fun

Telescopic and Independently Rotated Forks
We make these from high-tempered stainless steel, and they telescope to the perfect length – much like a radio antenna. You never have to get too close to the fire, and you won’t be too far away either. These sticks make everything “just right”! Your marshmallow treat will be perfectly roasted, and you’ll stay safe and comfortable! Especially good for kids – to keep them safe from the fire!

You will love that the fork can be rotated independently from the handle with just 2 fingers. You can now evenly roast your marshmallows or hot dogs on all sides without having to twist your hand in awkward ways or having to open the hand and risk to drop the whole thing into the fire.


Rotating Forks

Rotating Forks




Our love of the outdoors and our family fun times made us realize that certain features were absolutely necessary. That’s why there are plastic Safety Tips so you can keep the pointy sticks from hurting anybody by accident. The handles are made of solid wood, so they’re heat-resistant. We also include a handy canvas carrying bag that’s the perfect size for the entire set.

6 Colors

Canvas Bag

Tip Protectors

One of the most annoying things about storing marshmallow sticks is finding a place you can store a three foot long and sharply pointed object that it won’t cause any problems. These telescopic sticks give you the best of both worlds (excellent roasting and easy storage) as they collapse down to around a foot long and can easily be stored in a cabinet or drawer. Love the design and I’ve already gotten great use out of them. Would buy again!


OH. MY. GOSH. Ohmygoshohmygosh! CAN YOU BE IN LOVE WITH MARSHMALLOW STICKS???? If so, then I AM IN LOVE. The handles are a beautiful wood and have different colored ends, which would be good for kids or adults in case someone has allergies and cannot have the same type of foods. Next, the prongs are a great size. You can put multiple marshmallows on each one, a hot dog would work, too and even shrimp or other chunks of meats and vegetables.


Love emmmmm!! Used multiple times for group gatherings and everyone that has used them asked where i got them and loved how they worked!! The construction is great, easy to extend and collapse! Gotta say that my favorite function in the colored knurled piece that allows you to rotate your marshmallow or hotdog over the fire without having to re-grip the rod! Id highly recommend this to anyone who loves a good campfire, if your considering a different product then i would stress you to reconsider!


These marshmallow roasting sticks just came in the mail today, and the kids wanted to try them right away, so we ended up having a fire and cooked hot dogs and marshmallows. So great! Every one has a different color ring on it, so they wont get mixed up. They really do extend out to the perfect length, so there’s no need for the kids to sit too close to the flames. I am very pleased, and the kids thought they were SOO much better than wooden sticks 🙂


I was skeptical about buying a set of telescoping marshmallow sticks after being burned (literally and figuratively) by the ones from Target’s “dollar spot” but these are NOTHING like them. They are so sturdy and they glide in and out smoothly making it unlikely that the will bend even by enthusiastic children!


If you are looking for the perfect gift for the campers in your life, this is it! Of course, these do not need to be just for camping, they are great fun in the back yard fire pit too! They do clean up quickly, if water is not easily available you can wipe the forks with a wet cloth.


For moments like this.

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